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January 30, 2009
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Castrix the Nobody by Mizumi-Tatsuno Castrix the Nobody by Mizumi-Tatsuno
Yep. Using my new scanner <3

This is Castrix, Alex's Nobody. He is a Nobody, but is half Heartless (physically). He can steal hearts, but cannot eat them. He has no heart (like most heartless and nobodies).

He may look serious, but he is REALLY hyper and friendly. Get to know him, he's a good friend.

He has snake bites too...A silver one on his black side and a black one on his white side. Also has two earrings, one with the Heartless Emblem, and one with the Nobody Emblem, and has an eye brow piercing on his white side. hehe <3

Name: Castrix
Species: Nobody (mostly)
Type: Mix
Homeworld: Traverse Town
Ability: Fusion (able to combine things/people)
Weapon: Scythe
Extra: Castrix, nicknamed Cas, is a Nobody who was recently fused with Alex's black half (which is why her skin is white). He was raised by Lix, (my Nobody Dancer OC), in a group of rogue Nobodies. He grew strong, yet playful, daring, but shy...
He is really playful, and sometimes believes that things shouldn't be taken too seriously. He constantly whines, but knows when to stop. He has a dual personality, and tends to argue with himself (due to being 2 people).

He has white hair, and one yellow eye and one baby blue eye.

**I know he is much like Zetsu. But he isnt. So get over it.**

And that's all for now. :3

Castrix (c) Me

P.S. Gonna draw both of his halves as sepreate being soon.